Jamison the Blogger

I check my inbox and found this:

Dear journal. From the the time we left the house to now, a lot has happened. We left our house at 2:18. Then we drove over to the fredmeyer parking lot and stopes at Panda Express. There I got a pandabowl with rice and orange chicken. After that we got on to highway 26th. Heather and Melissa decided to watch What Happens in Vegas. While they watched that I read a little of my book Hedge Hogs in The Closet. Todd just fell asleep. We drove for a hour and fifteen minutes then stopped at starbucks. We all used the restroom and got a drink. I got a grande double chocolate frap, Todd got the same as me, Heather got a tall iced chai, Melissa got a tall chai tea frap, and mom got a vente iced chai. After that Heather and Melissa finished there movie and started another called Step Up Two while me and Todd played ds downloads on Super Mario Bros. We drove another hour and a half then stopped at a shell gas station and went the bathroom and filled up the gas tank. We left the gas station at 6:45. Heather and Melissa finished Step Up Two and Heather started the movie 21 and bored of it and switched to just reading a book. We drove another forty five minutes and entered Washington. From then on we drove untill we reached Grampa and grandmas house

The End

From Jamison.

I think I might be raising another blogger. His domain name is ready when he is. ;-)