Losing Nemo

We haven’t seen her since last Thursday and although we still hope she’ll come home, we know the chances of that are fairly slim.

Nemo has been a good member of the family for the past five years or so. She would run to meet us as we drove into the driveway. She loved to bat at falling water droplets in the tub after the faucet was turned off, licking her paws. She always knew which bed she could hide on and would go there to nap.

Nemo was a good mouser. She regularly provided us with “presents” in shoes left on the front porch.

Nemo loved to follow us to the mailbox down the street and would follow us on longer walks if we let her. Pick Nemo up and she would purr. Open a can of cat food and she’d come running.

We’ll always have many happy memories of Nemo.

We miss you, Nemo.

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2 responses to “Losing Nemo”

  1. Bob Avatar

    Here’s to hoping you with find Nemo . . .

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    @Bob – Thanks! We have “Lost Cat” fliers posted on the neighborhood mailboxes. Maybe someone found her and took her in.