FriendFeed Comments Gray Begone

I love FriendFeed. You can follow me there. I must be getting old, though, because I find the gray comment text too light to easily read. Maybe it’s my monitor…

Greasemonkey to the rescue! I wrote a script that changes the color of FriendFeed comments.

To use the script:

  • Get and install Greasemonkey
  • Click here to view the script in your browser
  • Copy and paste it into a text editor
  • Save it with the filename graybegone.user.js
  • Start Firefox
  • Drag and drop the file onto Firefox
  • Select install on the dialog box that appears

Feel free to change and use this script however you want. If you want a different color than I chose, replace #444 with the color you want.

For more information, Dive Into Greasemonkey describes the head metadata and addGlobalStyle function.

2 responses to “FriendFeed Comments Gray Begone”

  1. Josh Bancroft Avatar

    Nice. Now I need to find a good color to use. The grey was bad, but the black makes it hard to distinguish comments from content. Maybe bright orange? ;-)

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    @Josh, in your case, I’d recommend #E97F31. ;-)