It’s a Good Friday, Everyone!

It’s going to be a good day today!

  • Heather graduates from high school tonight. Because the school board chairman is on a business trip, I get to read the seniors’ names. They’re all pronounceable. I wish I could have made graduation practice this morning, but sometimes work gets in the way.
  • At Starbucks this morning, the cashier remembered my usual order. That’s a first. And the barrista was Charlie, who went to school with Ashley. She normally works another Starbucks, so it was a nice surprise to see her. She didn’t need my name on the cup. ;-)
  • Ashley leaves for Nepal in a week. Guess that means she leave on Friday the 13th. Ashley’s imminent leaving doesn’t make today a good day, but it’s been great having her home in between her mission trips. She wrote a quick blog post last night.
  • Plus, it’s Friday!

I hope you have a good Friday, too.