One thought on “Atheists Who Believe in God”

  1. I think that is interesting. It definitely shows the limits of polls and statistics like that, but is also incredibly revealing. I know tons of people who claim that they are “religious” but are not even sure that they believe in whoever they pray to. My staunch-atheist mother knows more about the Bible and the religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam than any of her religious friends. Personally I consider myself an atheist but I know other “atheists” who believe NOT in “God” as that article seems to imply, but in a different sort of universal spirit (that article used the word).

    If you’re interested in that, check out “deism”, which is generally what I’m talking about. A friend of mine, for example, does not believe in God in the traditional sense of the word, but believes that there are dimensions of the universe that are fundamentally based around music. He’s a very spiritual guy, and no one can truthfully say that he doesn’t have faith. Yet he doesn’t believe in God.

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