Morning Musings

Too much for Twitter, so here it goes:

  • It’s primary day in Oregon. Too late to mail it in, but the county election offices will accept your ballots until 8 pm. Additional ballot dropsites will also accept you ballot. Get out an vote! (Or shut up after the election; take your pick…) I’ll be dropping my ballot off around noon today. I still miss going to the polls and voting in person, but I must admit that voting by mail gives me the time to vote carefully and informed.
  • Rain! I must be a true Oregonian because this weather just makes me happy. That, and I get to postpone turning on my lawn sprinklers just a little longer.
  • That cashier in Starbucks knew my name today — first time. I wonder if that should tell me anything. The warm glow I felt was diminished, however, when the barrista called me “sir.” So close, but not quite there. The cashier could have made my experience complete by writing my name on the cup.
  • Just finished reading Simple Church. I’ll be forwarding it to my pastor, just after I write a short summary here. It’s the kind of book that can get a pastoral staff in trouble, but hopefully in a good way.

I hope your day turns out as great as mine is starting!