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This TV Game Show Made A Couple Get Divorced | TylerRegan

One can only imagine what the next question(s) might have been.

By Brent Logan

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  1. Holy cow! I was channel surfing, and working on my laptop, and I actually watched that whole show. It was like a train wreck – you just can’t NOT watch!

    I was agape at the whole thing. I can only conclude that the woman was planning to dump her husband anyway, and somehow thought this would be an “interesting” way to do it, and earn some money at the same time.

    I laughed for a LONG time after she found out the result of the last question, though. “Do you think you’re a good person” indeed…

  2. Train wreck is an apt analogy. Rubber-neckers R Us! ;-)

    When she couldn’t even introduce him, I wondered how accurate the offered ex-boyfriend description really was.

    I feel sorry for her likely soon-to-be-ex husband, but it appears the marriage was already over; he just hadn’t received the memo.

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