Google Debit or Credit Card

Why doesn’t Google have a credit or debit card? With one, Google could serve ads to me based on my actual purchases rather than the web sites I visit. And, unlike Facebook’s recent privacy stumble, Google wouldn’t be publishing my purchase information to anyone but me.

Of course, I would expect a low interest rate in compensation for the information I was providing to Google…

2 responses to “Google Debit or Credit Card”

  1. mediumtall Avatar

    Brilliant Idea! Scary as hell, but brilliant non-the less.
    I was in software sales for a few year and did a lot of works with banks. We used to talk about how the banks and credit card companies new more about us than our spouses. But they did not see the potential in data mining and targeting messages. Goggle could do this very well knowing all information points we interact with.

  2. Tad Avatar

    That’s a REALLY good idea– it would, when combined with web traffic, etc. really give them RICH data about purchase habits that could be cross referenced by all sorts of information about interests, etc.

    It’d be advertising gold.