A Conservative’s Guide to Voting for John McCain

Clothes pin I offer the following guide to voting in the general election, should John McCain be the Republican candidate:

  1. Affix a clothespin to your nose
  2. Vote for John McCain
  3. Remove the clothespin
  4. Wash your hands
  5. Take a long shower
  6. Know that McCain is better than Hillary or Obama, even if barely…

And remember, there no time like the primaries to get a better conservative candidate.

Photo credit: “Clothes Pin” by BookMama on Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons license.
Brent Logan

Author: Brent Logan

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2 thoughts on “A Conservative’s Guide to Voting for John McCain”

  1. 7. Have a “quiet moment” that the VP is a good one.

    8. Have a “quiet moment” and reconsider your vote. Maybe Obama will leave intact more of your civil liberties than McCain.

    9. Have a “quiet moment” and weigh what is more important – your pocketbook or your civil liberties.

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