Stupid Dancing Girl Ad

Oh yeah! I want to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars from a mortgage company that advertises using a stupid dancing girl ad!

I guess, like for spam, there are enough idiots that respond to ads like this to make running them worthwhile. It’s sad, really…


@Josh, It’s just pandering to a certain market segment. Sort of like what a certain Kia dealer in town (PDX) does with its radio ads…

There has to be another segment that notices these ads and resolves never to do business with them.

I just found you by doing a search for the “dancing girl in ads”, and I was also wondering why they use the dancing girl to sell everything from morgages to lower car insurance, to classmates web service!

You gotta admit — they do catch your attention. Right after that, though, I feel offended. I refuse to do business with a company that resorts to such blatant, classless sleaze.

They almost hypnotized me into joining University of Phoenix Online this morning. Jesus, fellas, what powers women have…Jesus, indeed.

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