Firefox 3 Beta 1

Ever on the bleeding edge, I installed Firefox 3 beta 1 last night. As everyone says, it seems a lot faster. I’m cynical, though. How much of this speed is from better coding and how much is from Firefox disabling the 16 add-ons I used to use but are now incompatible?

At least I was able to get Firebug working.

By Brent Logan

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  1. When I installed FF 3 Beta 1 on my laptop, it crashed and burned. A hundred bucks later my laptop runs . . . without FF 3 Beta 1 and is no longer wireless capable. Coincidence that my wireless fries in my ancient laptop immediately after installing? I wonder.

  2. Ouch! Though I doubt the wireless connection.

    I didn’t have any problems with FF 3b1 trashing my system. Just quirks I couldn’t endure. All the add-ons I like wouldn’t work. I couldn’t clear its cache without exiting and restarting (painful when working on modifying my site…). It’s behavior with the center mouse button was inconsistent. The added speed wasn’t worth it. I’m back to FF

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