Pink for Liz Colligan

Many blogs participate in Pink for October to raise awareness of breast cancer. This October, is honoring a very special individual, Liz Colligan:

If you don’t know Liz, you should. She’s an amazing woman with a love of life, smart, caring, funny, and a dear friend (one of my many gifts from cancer). At 35 years old, Liz is a young breast cancer survivor. For whatever reason, breast cancer seems to be more aggressive in this age group. Liz is married to a youth pastor for a in Hillsboro. They have two small children. Prior to moving to Oregon, Liz worked for a University doing curriculum work in education. While in Oregon, Liz worked part-time as an English language instructor and has done contract work for an educational software company based out of Chicago. She is now a stay at home mom who is active in a Young Cancer Survivor Support Group in Portland and is an avid runner despite her busy schedule. Liz has a strong faith in God and her fellow man.

My family met Liz through her husband. On Ashley’s first day at a new school, she was invited to the Wednesday night youth group meetings he leads. Liz started a small group for the girls. Ashley ended up participating in both. When Ashley had RF ablation for her WPW Syndrome, they showed up at the hospital to pray with Ashley.

Hug those special to you.

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  1. Kathy Derrah Avatar
    Kathy Derrah

    How is Liz doing. I taught with her at Beaver Acres and have been thinking about her a lot.