Republican Presidential Debate Transcript

MSNBC provides a transcript of the Republican Presidential Debate in California on May 3, 2007.

I’m waiting for an analysis on how many times the Republican candidates mentioned al Qaeda…

Update: Here is the transcript in Word doc format.

2 responses to “Republican Presidential Debate Transcript”

  1. John V. Kjellman Avatar
    John V. Kjellman

    The transcript is incomplete in at least one respect. Near the end of the debate, the question was asked of McCain if he believed in evolution, to which he responded that he did, adding he also believed in “the hand of God.” The moderator than asked all the other candidates by show of hands if they believed in evolution, and announced that three did not. That vote is not not reflected in the transcript, in particular, the names of the three candidates who professed not to believe in evolution,

  2. daryl Avatar

    does anyone know the names of the 2 guys that were on hannity and colmes just after the debates. one was white the other black. they both played up the major candidates. i thought the black guy was introduced as the gop president? but not sure. the white guy looked sort of unkept.