American Idol — Voting for the Worst

Vote for the Worst is an interesting attempt to make American Idol entertaining, and maybe encourage Simon to quit. Is it working?

By Brent Logan

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  1. This is a sick website. Do you not have anything do to? Are you that bored? You must have really low self-esteems to go to the trouble of messing with the American Idol votes. Are you jealous or something? Why don’t you get a job- or education- or friends?! You obviously have nothing better to do with your lives, but make fun of american idol, and screw it up.

  2. I think it is sad. Howard Stern is so upset by the fact that such a large number of his “followers” did not think that his broadcast was worth paying for they now listen to Kidd Chris. Get over yourself Stern, you are a spoiled child that can’t stand to see anyone else succeed. You people are a disgrace. If you would put half of the effort into your own lives that you do into trying to ruin someone elses’ maybe you would actually get somewhere.

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