The “aging” MySpace user base

A recent comScore survey claims that the MySpace “user base” is aging, that 55.6% of MySpace users are 35 or older! If so, that would make MySpace one of the grayest corners of the Internet, right behind Canadian pharmacy sites.

The survey counted “Total Unique Visitors” during August 2006. In other words, a dad who doesn’t have a MySpace account, but who checked his daughter’s MySpace account once during the entire month of August counts as one “user.” And his daughter, who spent more than four hours every single day of August on MySpace, writing blogs, blurbs, comments, posting pictures, videos and bulletins on her blog, and visiting her 347 friend’s MySpace pages, also counts as one “user.” Okay… If I were looking to place ads online, I would prefer a page views by age metric to determine whether MySpace was a good investment.

I’ll continue to keep my headline “Increasing the average age on MySpace” on my MySpace page.