Recent Changes at blogan

I added a couple of blogs to my blogroll. Check them out.

  • ArmsControlWonk — As they say, “All the stuff about WMD, intel and the national security bureaucracy by Dr Jeffrey Lewis and friends to wonky or obscure for publication.” How could you pass that up?
  • Johnny & Friend’s Blog — “Johnny and friends write about religion, ethics, politics and life.” Seems pretty limiting to me, but they seem to do just fine within those confines.

I probably still need to go through and prune some of the links I never visit any more…

Blogan’s template is now K2. K2 makes creating an archives page, having a pages menu, changing header pictures, and controlling what’s shown in the sidebar, all very easy. Highly recommended.

I updated the “static pages.” Rather than grabbing pictures of the book covers and making my own links, I’m now relying on to do the work for me. Feel free to buy your stuff from wherever you want. This was easier for me. Yeah, I make a little money if you buy it from Amazon using my links but I assume you already knew that.

I created a “guitar” page that shows some of my toys.

Oh, I also started posting a little more frequently. We’ll see how long that lasts. :-)

As the old guys used to say at the end of Bartles and Jaymes ads (wow, more than 20 years ago),

Thanks for your support!