Hypoallergenic Cats

Using “proprietary genetic technologies,” Allerca has produced a line of hypoallergenic cats. These genetically selected/modified cats (the process is not clearly described) produce a variant of the Fel d 1 glycoprotein, the protein normally associated with feline allergies. Allerca claims this makes the GD cats hypoallergenic.

There are only a few catches:

  • You can’t select the color of your cat.
  • The cats are available for the low, low cost of only $3,950.
  • The wait is two years or more, though for a minor expedite fee of $1,950 you can reduce your wait to “a few months.”
  • There is a processing and shipping fee of of $995.

Although our cat Nemo was $6,940 cheaper than Allerca’s GD cats, she didn’t come with all shots, a microchip, and a cat carrier. See what money can get you?

Oh, one more item — all Allerca cats are either spayed or neutered. I wonder why that might be…

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3 thoughts on “Hypoallergenic Cats”

  1. I got both of my cats for free. One of them is a former stray I started feeding until he came to live with me. The first thing I did was have him neutered. He became very attached to me and he’s now the most devoted pet I’ve ever had.

  2. Genetic Savings & Clone (cute name) will clone a cat for the “New Reduced Price” of $32,000. I suspect you’d only want to go that route if you didn’t want to wait the few months for a second Allerca GD cat (and if you had a lot of money burning a hole in your pocket).

    Allerca doesn’t yet claim to have patents on either the process or their cats, merely claiming to have patents pending.

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