MySpace? Yup.

So, I finally got myself a MySpace account. Yeah, I know–at 43 I’m a little older than the target demographic. So what. I’m comfortable with my age. You deal with it. Besides, having a MySpace account allows me to see what my kids are doing (and what’s being done to them). It’s not going to be so easy if (when) my oldest gets a Facebook account.

Looking through other MySpace profiles reminds me of the early years of proportional-spaced fonts, WYSIWYG editors, and color printers. Can you say Ransom Note style? Garishly colored or graphic backgrounds provide a backdrop for tiny, low-contrast text and scattered pictures. Where’s the <blink> tag when you really need it?

I assumed that I could write some CSS to make my own stunning, understated, elegant profile. I assumed wrong: it’s not so easy with MySpace. I’m back to the default look.

Fortunately, I don’t have to blaze a path. Mike Davidson recently fought this battle. Wow!

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One response to “MySpace? Yup.”

  1. Mike Avatar

    I made a myspace page to promote worldbeatplanet & I also helped Jimi M’baye set up his myspace music page. Now there seem to be a lot of Senegalese musicians joining myspace.

    I find that Myspace pages often crash all of my browsers, including firefox & safari.