Sell the gun collection?

I have three daughters. Clearly, a gun collection is an obvious need. At least it was, until forget-me-not panties. As “Dave’s” testimonial states:

When my daughter hit puberty I nearly had a heart attack. She started looking like a woman and suddenly she was wearing revealing clothing and staying out late with her friends.

Rather than become an over-protective parent , I decided to try forget-me-not panties.

Using “pioneering research developed by the U.S. military at DARPA,” forget-me-not panties can provide to your PC or cell phone the wearer’s location. The advanced model also provides heart rate and body temperature.

Fortunately, the forget-me-not panties web site is an elaborate hoax (though I wonder how many would be interested in purchasing such an electronic leash), created for the Contagious Media Showdown.

By Brent Logan

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