blogan’s 1/2 Birthday

Blog stats — Six months ago, I published my first blog post. Since then, I’ve published 189 more posts and blogan has more than 225 comments. blogan’s daily traffic has increased from just me to somewhere between 20-30 visitors. Even so, I’m (at best) a D-List blogger.

D-List blogger? — What makes one an A-List blogger? Adam Weinroth analyzed three blogging rock stars, showing that they are primarily linkers, not commentators.

To see how blogan stacks up, I analyzed my 190 posts, using Adam’s categories. Like Adam, I allowed a post to be classified in more than one category if it seemed appropriate.

Clearly, I don’t have the mojo to be an A-list blogger. I spend too much time on issue analysis or commentary, though not as much as I’d like. (I still owe one semi-regular reader an answer on Social Security reform, though I’ve clearly lost interest interest in the topic or the will to fight or both…)

How do you find me? — Judging by my access logs, blogan is discovered mainly by people searching for:

  • Free teleprompter software
  • Mirror image fonts
  • Free TNIV
  • Random header images
  • How to make a memory map
  • Microinequities

However, those searches find posts outside the mainstream of blogan articles. I’m sure it results in many one-hit visitors.

Still blogging… — So far, I’m not here, yet.1

If I were, I suspect you’d know it before I did.

  1. Comic credit. “Nothing to Say“, by Hugh MacLeod. Used under a Creative Commons license
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