Privatize Marriage

According to at least one of the legends, Saint Valentine was martyred for marrying soldiers in defiance of Emperor Claudius II. Now, religious leaders laud President Bush for stating support for a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

John Coleman asks in Reason Online where St. Valentine would stand on the issue.

It is time to privatize marriage. If the institution is really so sacred, it should lie beyond the withering hands of politicians and policy makers in Washington D.C. There should be no federal or state license that grants validity to love. There should be no state-run office that peers into our bedrooms and honeymoon suites. If the church thinks divorce and homosexuality are problematic, it should initiate the real dialogue to address these problems in-house rather than relying on state-sponsored coercion to affirm doctrinal beliefs. And if tax-codes and guardianships need some classification for couples, let’s revise civil union standards to reflect those needs.

Hat tip: The Evangelical Outpost.

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