Oak felled

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a picture of a couple oaks bordering a field. I returned the next day to take another picture. This last week, one of the oaks fell victim to a feller.

Update. Mom emailed to ask why the oak was felled. I reviewed my pictures, including one I took the morning after the first picture, which clearly shows the oak as severely damaged. In fact, even the first picture shows the damage.

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

We like to visit the rhododendron garden in spring. Last year, we visited mid-April.1 This year, with unseasonably warm weather, trees have started blooming here in Hillsboro. As the garden doesn’t charge admission until the first of March, today seemed a good day to visit.

Although there were not many rhododendron blooms, the garden was still beautiful. I took a few pictures, but this was the only one worthy of sharing. Suzi took pictures, too, and ended up with many more to share. Jamison is showing her how to post them on Facebook and Instagram.

Mousse also enjoyed the visi–squirrel!!

I guess we’ll have to go twice this year. ;-)

  1. And got rained on! 


During lunch, I have been biking over to inspect the construction on Brookwood Parkway and NW Huffman Street.1 There is a new industrial park going in north of Huffman and Brookwood is being widened to include more lanes, bike lanes, and sidewalks. Just this week, all the trees along the sides and in the median were removed.

This pole at the east end of Huffman attracted my attention. More specifically, the weights on the right side that direct the connections between the lines. I don’t think I’ve seen weights used like this before, so I will start looking for other poles using them.2

  1. This is also where the new transmission line was installed late last year. 
  2. I don’t believe any of the many pictures of power poles here have such weights.