Walking around Dawson Creek Park, I found this tree budding by a newly plowed field.

By the way, I learned something useful writing this post. Since joining Instagram, I have wanted to post my Instagram pictures on my blog. I find the Instagram editor to be simple to use. It also makes what I can only describe as clean pictures easy to make. Based on local photog Aaron Hockley’s experience, I tried the free version of Instagrate to WordPress plugin.

Instagrate works as advertised, but the images it imports are limited to 640 pixels square. That’s too small for my featured images. I need 775 pixels to display full width on the front end and like to import 1,600 pixels into the back end. Researching the web showed that 640 pixels is currently the maximum size of Instagram pictures. I also learned that my phone might store a larger version of my Instagram pictures in its memory. It does! And they are 2442 X 2442 pixels, much larger than I want or need.

I’m a happy camper. No, I don’t get the cool automatic posting of Instagrate, but I do get the look and resolution I want.

Saturday PM in NoPo

Heather and I spent the afternoon in North Portland. We were on a mission to visit a couple of parks we’d never been to before. First up was Cathedral Park, where the St. Johns Bridge spans the Willamette River. We walked around, waiting for Ashley and Kevin to join us. Of course, we had to walk up the hill to look under the bridge to the far side of the river. It’s clear where Cathedral Park gets its name. Once Ashley and Kevin arrived, we walked the park again, showing them everything we’d discovered. Two brides had arrived, one with her wedding party where the groomsmen wore black and white Nikes and boutonni√®res made from a leaf and a Lego minifig. Mousse enjoyed the off leash area, playing fetch and greeting other friendly dogs.

Next, we went to Kelly Point Park where the Willamette River joins the Columbia. Mousse bounded through the shallows and tried to fetch a rock batted into the water. Of course, we took more pictures.

We’re looking forward to the rest of the family going with us next time.