Evening in Cannon Beach

Suzi, Melissa, and I took a quick afternoon trip to Cannon Beach.1 We were there long enough to visit Insomnia, walk to Haystack Rock, and watch the sun set. And take some pictures.

Mmm… :-)

  1. For once, it seems like we were the only ones with this idea. The beach was nearly empty

Portland Photo Walk

Ashley’s buying a camera seemed like a good excuse to roam downtown Portland. We wandered around Tanner Springs Park, Jamison Square, Pioneer Courthouse Square (where we caught an impromptu concert by Without Apology), Director Park, and The Fields Neighborhood Park. Then we walked the Eastbank Esplanade from the Vera Katz sculpture to north of Burnside and back.

Portland is beautiful! :-)

Wi-Ne-Ma Mist

Another Faith Bible spring Winema retreat has come and gone. Both Suzi and I chaperoned this year. Before breakfast Friday morning, I took my regular walk to the rock at the north end of the beach. Unlike previous years, the sun didn’t show up. Also, the sand at the rock appears about a foot higher than four years ago.

We only have one more year at Faith. I hope I get to go to Wi-Ne-Ma again. :-)