Skateboards are the new comb-over for men chasing their youth

According to the NY Post, skateboards are the new comb-over for men chasing their youth.1 Hahaha! Who knew his was even a thing?! 😀

  1. I object to the headline’s use of “comb-over.” It makes skateboards sound uncool. What’s strange is the article presents it as quite the opposite. Hmm. Maybe this is a case of a wannabe headline author dissing the point of the article. Also, these whippersnappers appear to be a little young to be having their midlife crises, but regardless, I approve of their mode of transportation. :-) 

Book sorter at the Hillsboro Public Library

The Hillsboro Public Library has an automated book return and sorting system. What’s cool is that the library doesn’t hide this in the basement somewhere. Instead, it’s visible through big glass windows right beside the main entrance.

When a librarian saw me taking video, she invited me in and gave me a tour. Then she “put on the duck”1 for me so I could go back outside and take this video.

  1. Apparently, when they see kids watching through the windows, they’ll put the duck on the conveyor to make the sorting more obvious, or fun. Works for me! :-) 

The Needles

When we visit Cannon Beach, I like to walk to the south side of Haystack Rock to take pictures of the Needles. For this latest trip, it wasn’t much of a walk because we were staying at Hallmark Inn, just north of the rock. A couple of evenings ago, Suzi and I walked to take pictures.

This picture is interesting because Google+ automatically reviewed the pictures my phone uploaded, selected one and edited it. I like the result!

Here are the original picture and Google+’s version for your comparison:

My favorite photos of 2014

Arranged in no particular order,1 are my seventeen2 favorite photos I made in 2014.

  1. In fact, they are arranged in random order. Refresh the page to see another order. Have fun! Do it again and again. ;-) 
  2. Last year, I was able to limit myself to my 10 favorite photos. This year, I couldn’t make the cut.