What I Write About

When I started this blog in 2004, I wrote more words and posted fewer pictures. Now that’s largely reversed. I like to take architectural, scenic, and abstract pictures.1 Once in a while I will share a quote. And I write about our family trips, longboarding, bicycling, and other fun stuff we do.

Elsewhere Online

Although this blog is my home on the Internet, I post elsewhere, too.

  • Facebook. I’m on Facebook because my family and friends from school are there. I link some of my blog posts there, but not all of them. In other words, if you want to read what I write here, you should subscribe here.
  • Twitter. I share links from the various online materials I read, plus sporadic tweets of wisdom. Expect to see leadership, WordPress, electronic freedom, photography, education, and bicycling stuff there, along with links to some of my posts.
  • Instagram. I have fun on Instagram. I love their photo editor. If only it was available as a stand-alone app. At least I’ve learned how to grab large versions of my edits for posting here.
  • LinkedIn. For those who’d like to see my work experience and education, I’m also on LinkedIn.

More Information

I’m an engineer and a lawyer who has practiced patent law and criminal defense.2 You can find more information about my blog on the following pages.


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  1. Here are my favorite photos of 2014
  2. I also did enough divorce law (three months) to confirm that I hate it.