You’re My Favorite, No Comma

“You’re my favorite Ashley.”Me
“You’re my favorite Heather.”Me
“You’re my favorite Melissa.”Me
“You’re my favorite Jamison.”Me

Yes, I tell our kids they are my favorites. And I might pause slightly after “favorite” but it will be accompanied with a wink — and no comma. After all, I don’t want our kids to think I favor one over the others. Instead, our kids know they are my favorite Ashley, Heather, Melissa, and Jamison.1

And our kids are smart — smart enough that I’ll hear in response:

“You’re my favorite Dad.”

Nope. No pause. No comma. Touché!

  1. With apologies to all the other Ashleys, Heathers, Melissas, and Jamisons out there. I’m sure you understand. 
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