4 thoughts on “My Friday was productive: I saved up to three live…”

    1. Awesome! And don’t say only platelets. It looks like platelet donations can be more valuable than whole blood.

      I’m the wrong type to donate platelets. They ask me to do double red cell donations, but it doesn’t really do anything additional. I’d be able to give half as often for the same benefit, but instead of a needle in my arm for less than 10 minutes, it would be 20-30 minutes longer. No thanks! I’d rather just give whole blood twice as often.

  1. The platelet donation was more “draining” than I expected. Turns out you can donate a “single, mini-double, or double”. The single is given to one person and the others go to two. It depends on your weight etc. as to what you can donate. Anyway, I gave a mini-double. It took 98 minutes. Cool process, no pain, but an interesting feeling when they put your blood back in you! My arm ached (maybe from the position it was in?) by the time I was done. I was also extremely tired. I had a lunch date after and I’m afraid I wasn’t very good company.

    I will do it again, and will be prepared better for the experience….meanwhile back to whole blood!

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