Not Your Typical Couch Potatoes

Drive thru couch

Back in high school, I was the typical geek. I was interested in recumbent tricycles for their higher efficiencies. I think I even joined the Human Powered Vehicle Association for a short time. I still have an old issue of Scientific American featuring human powered vehicles, including recumbent bikes and trikes.

Now, as I’m get older and my bicycle’s seat seems to be getting narrower, comfort is more important than efficiency as I consider getting a recumbent to replace my melvincycle. When I discovered the couchbike, I realized that I need not limit my comfort to twelve inches of stretched nylon webbing. I could have seven feet of luxurious soft, brown leather.

Go read about Brent’s and Eivind’s adventures riding the couchbike in Canada. Watch their video. Better yet, ride it yourself — the couchbike is available for rent.

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