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Photo of Brent Logan Engineer. Lawyer. WordPress geek. Bicycle commuter. Longboarder. Blood donor. Snapshooter extraordinaire. More about Brent Logan.

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flower Flower. Portland’s International Rose Test Garden is a beautiful walk from the NW 23rd neighborhood. I spotted this … Continue reading Flower
mom Happy Mothers’ Day!. Happy Mothers’ Day to the greatest mom ever! I love you, mom. :-)
Grassy field across from Hillsboro airport Photo Walk. Driving by the airport, I noticed daisies growing on the bank across the street. I parked at … Continue reading Photo Walk

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  • “A+!”Kathi
  • “You have some really great beach photos… love them all.”Sherwin
  • “Wonderful photos as usual.”Shirley Ann
  • “Your footnotes always crack me up!”Sherilee


  1. Okay, they’re from my high-school English teacher2 and family, but I’ll take it! ;-) 
  2. Isn’t that just the best for a blog?